Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free to use?

Yes, our service is completely free. We do not charge any fees.

Is registration mandatory?

No, registration is not mandatory. However, if you register, your transactions will be recorded in our database, and you will appear in the rankings.

Which cryptocurrencies do you support?

Currently, we support popular cryptocurrencies, but we continuously update our list. You can find the currently supported cryptocurrencies on our homepage.

Where can I view my backtest results?

You can view your backtest results in the 'Profile' section.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is very important to us. We take the best security measures to keep your data safe, and we never share your personal information.

How do I get started?

To get started, you can create an account or start backtesting immediately without registration. You can refer to our user guide for instructions on how to perform backtests.

How can I improve my backtest results?

To improve your backtest results, review your strategy, experiment with different parameters, and stay updated on the cryptocurrency market. You can also learn from user forums and resources.

In which timeframes can I perform backtests?

We currently support specific timeframes, which are listed on our website. However, we regularly update our list of supported timeframes, so checking frequently can be beneficial.